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Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tropical tree

Clovesz pronounced | cloves |


“Someone once told me if I named my company after a Caribbean spice I would be successful”


Clovesz and company was founded in 2016  by Alaila-Lee Lawrence, the genius behind the lightbulb Sorrel, which made a giant impact on the caribbean product world.


    Entrepreneur and Chef, Alaila-Lee is a force to be reckoned with. She learned firsthand that life is what you make it. She always had a passion for creating and turning nothing into something. It began one year when she spent thanksgiving with her Aunt Dor in Canada who opened the door to a whole new culinary world. Alaila-Lee was inspired to return to the states with new innovations.                                                   


    It wasn’t long before Alaila’s mom could see that she was on to something. Once she realized how truly dedicated and driven Alaila was, she began to tell her friends about the Caribbean drinks that her daughter was up every night making. It seemed almost out of nowhere that people were then calling her with orders. Alaila was excited that people actually liked the creations and were willing to pay for them. Fast forward three months later, and a thousand bottles sold. It was in this moment that Alaila, herself, realized that she was really on to something, and that it was time to go to the next level.


   Alaila worked two jobs to pay for supplies and  equipment. While Going to Cuilnary School full time.  With this incredible effort, she was able to build her brand single handedly; branding, brewing, labeling, and designing a unique business that she knew would make her mother proud.


   Alaila-Lee is truly thankful for her Grandmother, a remarkable woman who migrated from Jamaica to England and then to America in 1968. She paved the way for so many, including Alaila’s Mother who came to the states when she was nineteen, preserving the mindset that she too, would pave the way for her children, giving them the tools they need to accomplish their dreams. 


  She is the first to create flavored sorrel and put it on the shelves of retailers.

​she is just getting started........


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